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Tyler’s Letter – 2015/09/28 – A Wonderful Birthweek

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and all! This week was, as predicted, much better than the last. Things are going well. Work is being done. The ward is thriving and the stake executives are impressed with all of it. We have a new ward mission leader, and two new missionaries in training in the district. I haven’t met Elder Reynolds, but Sister Robertson (serving in Three Rivers) is from Holiday, Utah and she is ready to learn and to get the Lord’s work done.

Tyler Birthday with Petersons 1

I’m probably going to keep this one short, but I thank everyone back home for love and support, because I truly do feel it. Even if it’s something as simple as wishing us well within your heart, I promise it is felt because even something as simple as that is a prayer in your heart and Heavenly Father hears and answers all prayers.

Tyler Birthday with Petersons 6

On Thursday was my birthday, and the Bishop’s family put together a lovely Puerto Rican dinner for us using instructions from my mother, because apparently Sister Peterson had corresponded with her. o.O Anyway, she also made a tres leches cake and printed out pictures of my family for me and gave me Oreos and milk! Holy cow how could I NOT have a good birthday with people here taking this much care of me to make sure I have a good day?

Tyler Birthday with Petersons 2 Tyler Birthday with Petersons 3 Tyler Birthday with Petersons 5

Lastly, we met the Martinez’s who are a lovely family whose son Micah used to serve here and was then known as Elder Martinez (obviously). I only knew them for three days, but Micah dropped by on Friday at our apartment to say hi, and we came down to talk to the whole family for a bit, and then Sunday they were at church and we had dinner with them and Brother Davis who they were staying with, and now they are gone and I already miss them. It’s crazy how so much love and kindness can be wrought through the gospel and through Christ, and I can only imagine what that will be like in heaven.

Tyler with Martinez Family

Stay awesome my friends and family, and I will report to you again soon!

Elder Breinholt

P.S. Interviews with the Mission President are this Saturday so wish me luck ;P


Tyler’s Letter – 2015/09/21 – Things Will Get Better Soon

Hello friends and family! About time for an update, huh? Well we had a plethora of wonderful lessons this week, and even received a media referral! Haha, yes! Those are very rare here!

I can’t decide whether my first week or this last one was harder, but I will say, as many do, that the mission field is the hardest thing I have every experienced, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. That’s why it’s so good.

My district, (although today Sister Young is leaving)
Tyler with Sister Missionaries

We did have the chance last Monday to have a large conference with half the missionaries in the Michigan Lansing Mission to hear from Elder Anderson from one of the quorums of the Seventy, and to learn a lot more about missionary work and things we can do to help our investigators to continue to learn and grow.

I don’t even know why this picture was taken, but I cook a mean plate of rice and chicken
Tyler with Rice and Chicken

We have three particularly progressive investigators at the time, who I will give a brief summary on: Jason, who we found through doorknocking, is a fun loving, videogaming, My Little Pony-fangirling man who does have a desire to know whether or not the Gospel is true. We have brought a couple of different members to lessons with him, and I can say that Jason is definitely comfortable with us, and through his prayer and study, the answer he has received thus far is to continue reading the Book of Mormon. If he does as the Spirit directs, and comes to church, he is soon to receive a big answer of the truth of the teachings. Pray for him to be able to get to church everyone! His work schedule won’t allow it but that can be changed! 😀

Gerald was our media referral. He has been studying our doctrine online for a few months now and sent in a request for us to bring him a Book of Mormon! Apparently, after he requested it is when it told him that the missionaries would stay for lesson with him, and he was not expecting to see us within like 5 hours.

Nichole, who we doorknocked into as well, is doing very well, but will not come to church because of her fear of issues happening because of her autistic child. We had a lesson with her the other day, in which I bore my testimony and witness of the things children such as hers can teach others, like how I learned many important lessons from a youth with mental disability in my old ward. Nichole and I both cried, and when we asked her to give a kneeling prayer at the end, she started it quickly and asked for our safety, and then paused, and that pause turned into a long moment, silent aside from her heavy breathing, after which she began to cry once again, and although nothing was being said, we could all feel the Spirit she was feeling in that moment. She quickly finished the prayer so as not to cry any longer, and stood up and said goodbye and gave us quick hugs.

Haircut selfie (had it done today by the bishop’s wife)
Tyler Selfie in Office

My friends and family, I know that if you will include these people in your prayers at this time, it will help them in their lives. These are real people, who need truth and light, whether they know it or not. Your prayers will help them, whether they end up choosing to believe and follow the Gospel or not.

I love you all so much, and I hope you will continue in your endeavors to continually grow and learn, because knowledge is light. Knowledge, is literally, light.

With love and gratitude,

Elder Breinholt


Tyler’s Letter – 2015-09-12 – Always Remember to Bring a Towel

Hi everyone!  The weekly letter is going out today because on Monday we have a half-mission Pday in Kalamazoo, so our district Pday is today.

Things have been going well!  Next week is the last week of the transfer, and my companion is the district leader and does not have his driving privileges, so I had to trade off with the Coldwater elders basically for four days of the week!  Too bad I didn’t know that before I headed out because I basically only packed a day of stuff.  But I did survive, and I had a good time.  It’s so great to learn from the work that different missionaries do, because everyone does it in a different way, and there is a reason each missionary is called to the wherever they are.  So why am I here in Sturgis, Michigan?  I think I have yet to find out.

On Tuesday in Coldwater I was with Elder Mafile’o, who is a big Hawaiian young man.  He has a lot of dedication and doorknocking with him was really fun, because we both would try to testify sincerely of the importance of Christ, his doctrine, and the Book of Mormon.  It was kind of funny, though, because some people got very upset at us and would yell at us and shoo us off of their property, and there’s probably a reason they don’t put two brown missionaries together in very white-dominant areas… 🙂  We also made an appointment with a Muslim family with was really cool and I wish I could have gone for that appointment but trade-offs are over now..

We have to get going and do laundry and shopping soon, but lastly I wanted to talk about our most progressing investigator at this time, and quite honestly, one of our only investigators.  I’m not sure how much I’ve talked about him, but his name is Jason.  He lives in LaGrange, IN, which is actually within our mission boundaries.  He’s 37 and loves My Little Pony, so by definition, he is in fact a Brony.  Hahaha, he is a very kind guy, and we have had a total of five visits with him and he takes all of the doctrine in that we share with him.  The only problem that seems to be there is time.  He is very busy with work, and needs a lot of hours in order to continue making enough money to keep getting by, as is natural, but thus far he has not found much time to read from the Book of Mormon. We had a visit with him yesterday, in which we read 3 Nephi chapter 11 with him, going around in a circle, and at the end of the visit he gave a very fervent prayer, asking for Heavenly Father to help him to find time to read from the Book, an to help him to know it is true.  If you are reading this, I invite you to please add Jason within some of your prayers, as I know it will help him.

Are any of you Bronies and proud?  Let me know.

I love you all and will talk to you again two Mondays from now!

Elder Breinholt


Tyler’s Letter – 2015-09-07 – It’s Hard Not to Dance

It’s true, sometimes I feel the need to break out in random dance in public, but the missionary guidebook advises against doing that; however, it was a fun week in spite of that!

Tyler Bike Selfie Small

A former investigator contacted us out of the blue and had us come and visit her, so we were confused but hoping that she was ready to learn.  It turned out that she had had a prompting to call us and invite us over, well, so that she could basically advertise a product to us…  So we sat through this and she informed us very well on this product, and now we know.  I was trying to figure out why in the world she was prompted to do this, but in the end she told us that she wants us to come and teach her more!  Trust in the Lord, because he knows what he’s doing, even through people who have no clue what they themselves are doing, like us missionaries.  That’s why we have to rely on the Spirit!

Here’s my new sweet insoles (thanks Abuelito)…


Insoles Small

We had another former contact us the other day and had us come visit to talk about the movie God is Not Dead or something like that, I’ve never seen it, but through her interest in it we were able to teach her about the Plan of Salvation.


Tyler Picture into Mirror Small

This week, everything has been pointing us to working more with members.  This mission is defined as a “finding mission,” and there are usually very few baptism and little involvement from people we find because there are already so many different religious influences here in Michigan, but, it has come to our attention that there is more that we can be doing to help strengthen our individual unit, and work alongside the members of the ward to uplift each other, bring back those who have fallen out of the boat, and find those who are searching for the boat and cannot find it.  Yesterday, two more less active people we visited last week came to church for the full three hours and one of them is striving to soon have the Melchizedek Priesthood.  I’m learning that although baptizing and confirming people as members of this church, which is the kingdom of God on earth is extremely important to strive for, it is not all that missionary work is.  Not even close, although I do hope to have the opportunity to baptize sometime during my mission.


Computer Center with Sisters Small

God is allowing us to go through a rough time right now, and I’m grateful for it.  We are losing investigators, and are trying hard to find others, but finding rates are extremely low right now, especially with school having started.  We will continue to have faith and trust in the Lord and I know he will lift us out of this hole and only time will tell what he has in store for us at the end of all of this.


Lastly, I just had to mention that yesterday I got the chance to play the guitar for the first time while on my mission and it was such a nostalgic feeling!  There’s so much more I could share but I do have to go.


I love you all, I really do, and I hope all is well with you.  If you ever want to send me a short email letting me know how you are doing I probably won’t have a chance to answer specifically, at least for a while, but I will definitely read it and love it.  🙂


Stay strong my friends, and I suppose I will see you sometime after 690 days from now!

Elder Breinholt