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Tyler’s Letter – 05/22/2017 – You Were Calling Too Fast You Dumb Bunny!

Hello dearest friends and family!

I must say that this week truly was killer. In a good way.

On Tuesday was Elder Blair’s first MLC! Plus it was a special one, because after the meeting, we all carpooled over to the Mission home and had a barbecue and played games! So awesome. It was so great to be able to hang out with a bunch of solid missionaries and have a good time.

I don’t know if I already mentioned but people reach out to feed us a LOT here. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel dinner with quite a few because of how busy we are with mission business… :/

We picked up a solid new investigator named Robert and taught him a short 15 minute lesson on the Book of Mormon, and he was very humble about receiving it and wants to learn more, read, and pray. 🙂 Also, we put a cool girl named Tykeasha on date for baptism! She was gone to California for over a month, but came back and remembers what we taught her.

Quick story:

I was calling numbers for BINGO at the Railside Community Center on Wednesday, which we do every week, and there was a brand new lady there who had never played BINGO before. She was being helped by Elder Blair, but was still having trouble, and was getting frustrated because she hadn’t won yet. We needed to rap up so I started calling numbers faster, and she got SUPER close to winning, but then someone else won the last round and got the prize. As I stepped away, she looked into my eyes with malice and said “You were calling to fast you dumb bunny!” with a lot of emphasis on “Dumb Bunny.” Haha I laughed and cried a little on the inside, but hey it was pretty funny x)

I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week! Love the unlovable! That’s something we learned at MLC, sometimes there are those who you have difficulty serving, or loving, and perhaps those are the ones you ought to spend more time with.


Elder Breinholt


Tyler’s Letter – 05/15/2017 – How to Lose Someone’s Dog

Step 1. Think of something nice you can do for a friend

Step 2. Borrow a lawn mower and go start mowing your friends lawn

Step 3. Your friend arrives home and is very grateful and begins working with you

Step 4. Your friend takes a turn with the mower while you rake sticks

Step 5. Your friends dog somehow gets out of the house, but you think your friend sees her

Step 6. Your friends dog disappears when you look away

Step 7. You should have told your friend when you had a chance, and now your friends marriage is in jeopardy.


Did you like the story?

Just kidding it’s not the end, they did find the dog 🙂

Hello everyone it was a GREAT and BUSY week! Elder Blair, my new companion, is awesome! We found out he and I are actually Third cousins! Plus, Elder Blair has a guitar!!!! AHHH! So I’ve been teaching him and it’s been awesome. We’ve seriously had a blast and we’re working our hardest to serve the 36 missionaries in our zone. Admittedly, I haven’t even had time in the evening to work out or write in my journal for 4 days, but I will repent!

I had the wonderful opportunity to Skype my family yesterday and talk to my Mom, Dad, brothers, sister, Grandma, and 2 aunts and an uncle! It was awesome! To all of my family who will read this: I love you guys and I miss you and I’ll see you again soon! 🙂

One thing I really learned this week which God has been preparing me to learn is that He answers prayers the way He knows is best, not just the way we want or in the time we want. In searching for the dog with Andrew last week, I stopped us all to say a prayer, and was a little confused and worried when we still couldn’t find her after an hour. We had to leave, and I was stressed out the rest of the day. Late that night, Andrew texted us and let us know they found her, and he’s sure that the prayer helped, and the experience brought him closer to God. I don’t know the whole story of how he found her, but God answered my prayer in a better way that what I had hoped for! A similar experience happened for the Breinholt family this week. I won’t go into any detail, but I hold in reverence the memories of my dear Grandfather, who has passed onto his next stage of existence, and I believe that he will continue to strengthen me and the rest of the family from the other side of the veil.

I hope all you wonderful mothers had a happy mothers day and I and billions of others appreciate all that you do.


Elder Breinholt


Tyler’s Letter – 05/06/2017 – Let’s Go to the Beach

Hey everyone!

Chandra was baptized this morning! Hooray! We’re all so proud of him. Once again there were a bunch of missionaries there to support him and us. Elder Medina and Elder Freeman both used to teach him, and Elder Medina baptized him. It turned out to be a great service.

We got our transfer calls Thursday night from President Jacobsen. He messed around with Elder Turley for a bit, but he is sending him to Jackson, MI for his last transfer! A missionary named Elder Blair who’s only been out about 9 months is going to take his place with me as a new zone leader. He didn’t show it while talking to President, but after the phonecall ended, Elder Turley was infuriated. He really doesn’t want to leave Wyoming… However, we were able to have an awesome last PDay with him here, as a group of Elders in the zone met together in Holland to go to the beach! The wind was blowing hard and it was cold, but we had fun anyway. 🙂

I’m excited to have the chance to train Elder Blair to be a zone leader, although I’m still not sure I know what I’m doing yet. The Lord is the one who has put us in this position, and I know and have a testimony He will qualify us! The Lord qualifies those whom He calls, and that is something I learned from Elder Alley, my first zone leader who was an inspiration to me at the beginning of my mission.

Remember, the Lord has called you to do amazing things! And you need not fear, because He will qualify you if you put your trust in Him. If you have an overwhelming calling, find yourself afraid to open your mouth and do missionary work, or work things out within your household, stop relying on your own power and lean unto the power, knowledge, and understanding of God. (Proverbs 3: 5-6)

Elder Breinholt


Tyler’s Letter – 05/01/2017

Hello everyone!

Actually had a pretty normal week.

Lots of errand running still, but we had lots of opportunities to teach, so it was great 🙂

Father and Son

We did run out of miles before the end of the month so we did a bit of walking but it wasn’t bad.

We’re getting ready to head out to our zone pday for the day! We had all these awesome plans to go to the beach in Holland Michigan, but it turned out to be a muggy, rainy day. Kinda sucks but we’ll have fun at the Stake Center!

Turtle I found

I love you all and I will actually be emailing again on Saturday because it’s the end of the transfer. Also, Saturday is Chandra’s baptism which we’re super excited for! Make sure to include him in your prayers so whatever opposition arises will be overcome and he will make it to Saturday!

A couple of crazy people

Elder Hatfield, Boyd, and Whitesides

I just want to say that I’m so grateful to have the privilege of being out here. Not everyone is granted this opportunity, but I’m especially grateful because I really needed this. I’m a different person in so many ways, and I’m so much happier. For those who don’t have this opportunity, in a lot of ways I believe it is because you are strong and you’re able to learn a lot of these principles where you are! Stay strong and keep pushing on! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

A wild Elder Quintana but everyone thinks he’s me.


Elder Breinholt