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Tyler’s Letter – 03/25/2017 – I’m Transferring!…..10 miles South!

Hello everyone!

We got the transfer call. We actually got it Thursday night instead of Friday which was a surprise, but I was called as the new Zone Leader in Wyoming Michigan!

The District.

I am SO excited! I’m going to be serving with Elder Turley, who has been my favorite zone leader. We’re going to have a blast together. I’ll give you all details as we go along 🙂

My new companion Elder Turley!

I won’t be emailing Monday, this week Saturday is our PDay so that’s why I’m emailing today. Sad to be leaving, but I’ll still be able to see these people 🙂

Katalina, a current hilarious investigator

Sister McClarin who we visited twice a week for 6 months

The Banners (without them, we wouldn’t be able to get much done)

I love you all, hope you have a great week! TTYL!

Elder Breinholt


Tyler’s Letter – 03/20/2017 – Lamb of God Symphony

Hello everyone!

Well this last week was great! It’s always a blessing to be able to get the car back. Driving is a privilege.

One awesome occurrence was when we visited a man who had referred himself online to receive a Book of Mormon in French from us. So we set up a time to meet and went over there. Turns out he is already a member, and he was baptized about 2 years ago in this area. A while afterward he moved to Chicago, but had a bad fall at a wedding party and cracked his head open and lost his memory! But he is gaining it back now slowly and he remembers his testimony of this church even though he doesn’t really remember the doctrine, and he wants to come back and prepare to enter the temple! How crazy is that?!

Our zone had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Lamb of God performance in Holland, Michigan, on Saturday night. Due to some extenuating circumstances, we ended up being quite late, but miraculously they began RIGHT as Elder Strauss and I and the other Elders sat down. It was both a blessing and a curse we were in the second row… everyone was glaring at us as we stepped over to our seats. EVERYONE. But I’m grateful I was able to feel the Spirit as an orchestra played, a choir sang, and soloists representing the Savior’s closest friends and apostles sang of Him.

Soul Stick from zone conference

Lastly, I’ll mention that I had the chance for the first time on my mission to sing in sacrament meeting, alongside Sister Nelson and Sister MacArthur! People in the audience were crying so I guess that is a good thing, right? 🙂 I’ve been waiting to sing for a long time and I really enjoyed it 🙂

Choo Choo Grill

I love you all and I hope you have a marvelous week! Stay safe and pray often!


Elder Breinholt

(I got pictures with some of my beloved friends from wards I’ve served in, and hopefully they will send them to me soon!)


Tyler’s Letter – 03/13/2017 – Who wants to go Skiing?

Hello again my lovely friends and family!

It’s been a great week, even though we had to give up the car again on wednesday. That’s always a sad occurrence. It was also a lot colder this last week than in the weeks prior, but we’re surviving. Elder Strauss is walking like normal again, but won’t be playing basketball for at least a couple more weeks to avoid reinjuring his ankle.

Ski Resort in MI. HA!

Well, three of Elder Strauss’s recent converts went to the temple this last Saturday and both of us had the opportunity of tagging along! We performed baptisms in the temple and it was a marvelous experience, and my first time doing baptisms in the temple on my mission. The recent convert we went with, Bob, seemed to love every bit of it and the way he talked on the way versus the way he talked and his countenance on the way back was different. He was brighter, and happier, and, well, a lot more appropriate x) Haha, crazy guy.

Ski Resort in MI. HA!

Our investigator Trayvond came to church with his girlfriend! We gave them both a tour after sacrament and they plan on coming back. Trayvond has never been baptized and is planning on “getting wet” on April 29th! Also, Cabrielle and her Nanny’s two daughters came to church as well! Saturday night after the temple trip, she texted us asking if we could give those two daughters copies of the Book of Mormon because they are interested, so we did, and then they all came to church the next day! What a marvelous weekend it’s been. 🙂

Well I love you all and I look forward to a great week once again. If you have anything you want to send me better do it quick because I’m likely leaving two weeks from today.

Elder Breinholt


Tyler’s Letter – 03/06/2017 – Off Crutches…?

Hello Everyone!

I feel like there’s not much crazy stuff to report this week. Elder Strauss is walking again, carefully.

Wednesday was hilarious because as Elder Strauss and I walked in for district meeting, I was surprised to see the zone leaders unexpectedly sitting in the room to join us. So I was a little nervous, wanting to make it a good district meeting filled with the Spirit, right? To my utter horror after a couple of minutes the Assistants to the Mission President walked in the door, also without having told me, or the zone leaders, a single thing about their planned arrival. It turned out to be a really fun time and a great district meeting, and we went to a chinese buffet all together for lunch. I ate a Korean Mussel for the the first time because Sister Nelson kept daring me to.

Last week was a lot of simply stopping by people I used to teach in Grand Rapids, and potential investigators who have been found over the past few months. This week we’ll be able to return to our searches for more new people by street contacting and knocking on doors, it was just a slow week last week without it.

Our investigators James and Teresa are doing great, we’re just working with James once again and encouraging him in his search for another new job, because unfortunately the one he found fell through. If he can get a new one soon and start coming to church, he’ll be able to be baptized before I leave! I’m sure this is simply another trial of faith that they can overcome if they keep doing what they know is right, and believe God will help them.

I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week! Stay strong, and stand up for what you know is right. Pray and meditate more often than you are now, and I promise greater peace will come into your life, especially as you act on the feelings you have as you do so.


Elder Breinholt