Tyler’s Letter – 04/10/2017 – Prince of Peace

Hello friends and family!

How is everybody doing?

Elder Turley and I are having a great time here in Wyoming 1. I am still trying to figure out why they would name a city Wyoming no where near Wyoming. But hey, Michigan has a city called Hell as well.


Went on a couple of tradeoffs this week! We had a lot of fun with Elder Mitchell, Elder Christensen, Elder Valentine, and Elder Quintana. I forgot to get a picture with the latter two, but a lot of people seem to mistake Elder Quintana for me. We don’t look that alike but I guess it’s enough that people who knew me for six months still couldn’t tell the difference. No big deal 😉

This week we are having interviews with President Jacobsen as a zone. As zone leaders we go to all the interviews for all the members of our zone, so they’ll take a big chunk out of our day tomorrow, wednesday and Thursday. Plus, after Interviews on Thursday we’re going to Lansing with the Assistants to the President for a tradeoff with them at MSU! I’m so excited I hear it’s super fun serving at MSU, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Well Easter is coming up soon and I just want to let you all know how much I love the Savior, Jesus Christ. He truly is risen, He is not dead. And because He lives, we will all live again. I invite each of you to take 2 minutes for him and watch this video which uses music, words, and faces to remind us of the Resurrection of Christ. Once again, I know He lives and that He, along with our Heavenly Father, loves each of us and desires our happiness, so let him into your life! Pray! Read from the scriptures! Go to church and just listen to your heart! I know if you do, your heart will be changed for the better. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Elder Breinholt


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