Ethan’s Letter – 01/25/2018 – Week 4

Guys. The CCM is great. I’m going to miss this place. Next week is already going to be our final week here, and right after we’re going to be in the field. It’s crazy how fast time is going by!

Spanish is coming along much better than I honestly thought it would be, just I’m positive we’re going to talk to our first investigator and I’m not going to understand a thing, but it’s fine, we’ll learn eventually.

The driver´s here are crazy. México has very similar driving laws to the United States, but theb est way it was explained to me was that everyone thinks that the driving laws apply to everyone except themselves. It is the funniest and scariest thing being on the roads here. Honking is super casual too, so from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. that’s all you can hear. México is weird.

Today we got the opportunity to go to the México City Temple and it was an amazing experience. We got to do a full temple session in Spanish, which although it was difficult to understand, was still very spiritual and I had learned a ton. That temple is the largest one out of the United States and it is beautiful. The culture and structure of buildings here is awesome.

I love it here so far and what we have learned so far is incredible. I have found so much joy as I devote my time to the Lord. Remember that there is always time for the gospel in your lives, and it will always benefit you.

-Élder Breinholt

Oh and I was wrong, we leave the CCM on the 5th of February.


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