Ethan’s Letter – 01/19/2018 – Week 3!

This week has been awesome. Except that I never know when I´m going to be emailing. The last about 5 hours we spent somewhere getting work done on our visas, but I think we are all set now.

We play, so much fútbol (that´s soccer) here. We had made some awesome friends with some latinos that lived in our building with us, and they are amazing at fútbol. We get absolutely destroyed every time, but it´s fine because I´m getting better.

Sadly all of those latinos only had to stay 3 weeks, so we had to say goodbye to them all. They were an awesome group of people and all have very strong testimonies, and taught us a ton of spanish. That´s what all of the pictures are today.

We also got to have this oppurtunity to go to something called TRC. People come and visit the CCM and can take lessons from the missionaries there, and me and my companion taught two lessons. I definitely know that the gift of tongues has been blessing us, and the spirit was definitely with us as we taught. We had a lesson on this, and I can´t remember who said it, but he said, “I know when I am teaching with the spirit when I learn something from what I teach.”

It is extremely important to always leave room for the spirit to bring revelation into our lives. Having the spirit brings constant guidance and revelation into your every day life. I know this is true.

I love being here, it´s awesome, and I´ve been meeting tons of great people. We already have the date we leave the CCM to, which is 2 February, so only about 2 more weeks!

-Élder Breinholt


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