Tyler’s Letter – 02/06/2017 – Christian Rock Concert???

Hello again family and friends!

How has your week been? How has social media been? How bout them politics? Oh and how do you feel about 5 for the Patriots??

Elder Strauss and I had a great week! But every week can be great if you make it a great one. Even the hard ones, because there’s something to be learned, and some way for you to grow and become stronger. So honestly, I can’t remember the last time I had a bad week, or really even a bad day. That’s a BIG change from how I used to feel 18 months ago.

On Friday, we had 6 lessons lined up and 5 of them worked out, and they were all filled with the Spirit. Saturday, we had another 6 lessons lined up! One by one, they all went down the drain. One simply asked us to leave, another cancelled ahead of time, another shined us, and another one apparently no longer lives in that house. Holy Cow! Stark contrast! But it was an eye opener for me of how God has helped me to grow in positivity and patience; through all this, my companion was becoming more and more stressed and frustrated. Meanwhile, I was able to laugh it all off, and continue on in the work. And although most all of these appointments fell through, we were blessed with a BUNCH of miracles throughout the day! Our first appointment was in a house that was actually 3 apartments. I said I had a good feeling to knock on number 2, after our Referral asked us to get out. It took a little bit of coaxing, but eventually we went and knocked it. Turned out to be a super solid family we are planning on teaching tonight. Just another way Heavenly Father showed me that I am in tune with the Spirit, even though I’m not perfect and I make dumb mistakes.

So yesterday our investigators Anna and Morgan invited us to a youth program called LOFT! We had no idea what to expect, and it was not a program run by their church, so we were able to go! We carpooled with them and a friend named Kirk, and turns out it was actually a program of Calvin College, and it took place in their CFac center, and there were upwards of 200 Calvin College students there to come together in singing and praise! It was the sickest thing ever. The band playing was comprised of students and they were amazing, and we all stood and sung songs that remind us of our commitment to follow Christ! What an experience. Not at all what we were expecting. We were expecting a devotional, and that’s apparently usually what they do, but yesterday was special because of the superbowl, I guess. I don’t know. Just thought I’d share my excitement with you.

Here's a picture one of the guys from the home ward sent! It's all of us before Colton and I left on our missions!

Here’s a picture one of the guys from the home ward sent! It’s all of us before Colton and I left on our missions!


I love you all, I hope you will make it a wonderful week, and I will talk to you all again soon.

Elder Breinholt


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